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From Eric Cooley on 12/27/10
RE: Advertising Regional History
Good stuff.  It wasn't long ago when I was an ad student, bound and determined to make a living as a copywriter in the world of advertising.  The one thing that separated me from the rest of my fellow students was my interest in the historical context of advertising.  I feel that it's an important (and overlooked) aspect of becoming a well-rounded creative.
Eric Cooley, Copywriter
United Online

From Jerry Dennon on 6/15/10
Don't know if we ever met, but I want to compliment you on your "Immortal Marketing" site. Great reading filled with many memories.  I would like to point out that my great old friend and business associate, long deceased, spelled his name with two L's.  I am referring to Bob Willey.  I used to produce a lot of music for his radio and TV commercials in the early 70's.

Keep up the fun work.All the best...

From George Riddell on 9/28/09
I have read with great interest the recent Marketing story about your new website, and I’ve been to the site and learned a lot about the history of advertising in Seattle. You might be interested to know that the ADDY Seattle planning committee is using the site as a resource to help us unearth some examples of memorable and/or award-winning advertising that originated here. The committee is developing the creative for the upcoming ADDY Awards. We have decided on a theme that celebrates the outstanding advertising that has been created over the years in Seattle.

From Joe Ritchie on 9/28/09
Because of my history with the company, beginning in 1972, you might imagine I'd begin reading through the immortals text with Bruce's [Walker].   Of course in the context of his piece 1972 makes me a rookie, and yet for me it seems like such a long time ago - and imagine I still have another 25 years or so to work (yes I'm 62!). Thanks for the foresight to pull this together Larry, you have helped create an historical diary that many will cherish.

From Doug Sandland on 9/18/09:
It's a valuable thing that you're doing for the past, present & future marketing folks in your little town. A lot of work but valuable and fun, none-the-less.

From Tim Girvin on 9/9/09:
Re: Pat Hansen

Sweet storytelling -- and even now, there's an innocence in her explorations and marvelment at the design scene -- then, now, the future -- that's enchanting. Being drawn into work, the world, the wonder of design and the wildly fluent nature of its moves, over decades, is an endless celebration. And it's wonderful to contemplate -- her thinking, the history and now: what is to come.

Yes! beauty fullness. All the best to all!

From Bruce Walker on 9/3/09:
Good work...a wonderful contribution to those who follow. By the way, Ted leonhardt's comment about my discouraging Kathy Spangler and him from leaving Kern Devin and launching their own firm (Spangler Leonhardt) was exactly as he described it....counsel that I came later to regret. What a tremendous success they made out of that endeavor and how I now wish now I had offered  them encouragement to "go it alone".

From David Turrill on 9/3/09:

I'd like to think that your is getting a very warm response, if not rave reviews. I think it's a hell of an idea, frankly, and obviously could grow exponentially given the personalities Seattle has seen over the decades. The special challenge will be to get articles written about people who are no longer w/ us.

One thing I'd hope to see is the individual stories of Jim Miller, Marlow Hartung (my first boss), and Wally Mackay fleshed out in their own "articles," rather than reside only in Gerry Hoeck's piece. (Perhaps Gerry can write, or co-author those.)

Getting at the personalities from the REAL old days (those who were around when I began my career in 1962) will be tough because most of those people are gone. One is illustrator Rudy Bundas. One who may still be around is (help me here, Paetzke!), (Dick?) Murray (who was, as I would characterize them, one of the most "powerful" art directors in the city when I started out, along w/ Marlowe Hartung).

I'm curious if you're going to open the site up to "corrections," editing, etc. where somebody has additional info, or perspective, or "clarity"...and how you want that handled. I'm sure that I'll find that many of the articles are "personal."

Sometimes, it's little stuff, like knowing that Dennis Ochsner was at Botsford, Constantine & Gardner in Seattle before the shop was relocated to San Francisco.

I've only skipped and skimmed through a bunch of pages, but intend to spend some time w/ the site from time to time. And if I have anything to contribute, I'll certainly contact you.