MARKETINGIMMORTALS.com publisher Larry Coffman has published MARKETING newspaper since 1986 in the greater Seattle area. The attendant commentaries and photos were provided by his long-time local associates in the marketing-related fields of advertising, public relations, design, direct marketing, film/video/audio, graphic arts and the radio, television and print media. (NAVIGATE categories at upper right. In each category, click on the name to view the biographies and commentaries.)

The intent of this Website is to preserve the memories of those who have contributed so much to these various fields of endeavor, as we know them today and as they will evolve in the future. Besides “immortalizing” the work of those who have gone before, the site also is intended to inform current practitioners of the legacies upon which their work is founded and to have significant educational and historical value.

The many elder pros in our business possess a treasure trove of important memories and memorabilia that too soon may be unavailable from them—and thus lost to this and future generations. Obviously, the content here is—and ever will be—far from complete. This is where readers like you come in. We hope that anyone with insights or additions to the information provided  will weigh in with their contributions, thus enhancing the richness of the content over time.

Award Honorees: Professional organizations in the various marcomm disciplines bestow annual awards that are briefly publicized and then largely forgotten beyond the scope of that organization. To help insure a broader and more lasting appreciation of these honorees, the list of winners of the various awards is posted at the end of each discipline (for example, the Public Relations Society of America Chapter’s Jay Rockey Lifetime Achievement Award winners are posted at the end of the Public Relations discipline).

The Personal Name Index (below) provides an alphabetical listing of all whose names appear in the MARKETINGIMMORTALS commentaries and links to their location in the commentaries. Opinions of contributing writers are not necessarily those of this Website.

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